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Norwegian lawyers and business in a nutshell

Innovation is encouraged in Norway and it is easy and attractive to do business in Norway. A high level of entrepreneurs and innovators, an excellent infrastructure and a highly competent workforce, are some of the reasons why foreign companies choose to do business in Norway. Norway is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and always score high on Transparency International’s indexes, which makes Norway a very safe country to do business in. Partnering up with reliable and specialized lawyers is an advantage for all companies willing to explore the various possibilities for doing business in Norway.

Working with Nova Law’s lawyers in Norway

Nova Law is a is a medium-sized Norwegian law firm based on central Oslo, with lawyers specialized in legal areas that will be relevant to foreign companies and organizations seek legal advice when dealing with Norwegian governmental bodies or companies. Our team of Norwegian lawyers may assist you in a wide range of legal matters. All of our lawyers are admitted to the Norwegian Bar Association, which ensures our clients that we operate within the highest ethical standard.
Nova Law is a law firm in Norway that has established a strong legal team composed of the most competent, efficient lawyers of the highest ethical standard. Nova Law has created long-term cooperative relationships with our clients, through active involvement combined with our ability to create custom made solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.
Although Nova Law has solely Norwegian lawyers, we have a strong international focus. It is the only Oslo office of Eurojuris International, an international law network with more than 600 law firms from all over the world. Furthermore, our lawyers frequently engage in international cases, both in and outside Norway.
Nova Law’s goal is to offer specialized knowledge as well as commitment in order to provide the highest standards in the legal areas in which we operate.
Any collaboration between a client and our lawyers in Norway begins with clarifying the extent of the client’s need for legal advice. Before we formally start working on a case, the client will receive a confirmation of assignment where the extent of the assignment as well as our fees are specified.
The lawyers of Nova Law also have extensive experience in dispute resolution, and frequently participate in litigation, arbitration and mediation, both as counsels and as arbitrators and mediators, in Norway and abroad. Our Norwegian lawyers will normally advise the clients to negotiate and settle their claims in order to avoid long and costly procedures.

Our focus areas

Nova Law focuses on a limited number of legal areas of Norwegian and international law in order to be able to provide legal advice of the highest standard within the legal areas it specializes in. Our lawyers have expertise in property law, corporate law and sports law.

Norwegian property law

Nova’s lawyers has specialized in property law since 1995, where the property law department consists of close to 10 lawyers. In particular, we offer advice within property law in the following sub-sections:

  • Construction
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Construction of a new home
  • Advising and representing home buyers – and sellers

Nova’s lawyers also advice in the process of drafting and negotiating lease agreements, in particular we have vast experience in assisting foreign companies with negotiating lease agreements with Norwegian landlords for the purpose of establishing offices or stores in Norwegian cities and towns. Our Norwegian lawyers cooperate with companies specialized in supporting international brands establish and expanding in the Norwegian market, such as MR Group.

Norwegian corporate law

Norway is a country that welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and employees. Our lawyers have experience in working with foreign investors and foreign employees and can help with adequate legal advice in terms of employment contracts for Norwegian and foreign workers. We can also advice companies in processes to conclude non-disclosure agreements and non-competition agreements as well as handle cases that involve termination or dismissal of employees.
Nova Law offer complete legal assistance in most areas related to corporate law, hereunder:

  • Corporate M&A
  • Employment law, benefits and pensions
  • Tax and VAT

Sports law in Norway

Nova’s Sports Law department is led by Espen Auberg who is a Norwegian attorney-at-law specializing in sports and football law. Auberg joined the Norwegian Football Association as legal director and attorney-at-law in 2011, and has since been working almost exclusively with sports law and football law. Auberg is an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), a member of the UEFA Legal Committee, and chairman of the Norwegian Sports Law Association.
Nova Law offers legal advice within most areas, hereunder:

  • Sports arbitration
  • Football related litigation and dispute resolution
  • Legal advice to football agents
  • Sports related disciplinary cases
  • Claims for transfer fees, training compensation and solidarity contribution
  • Sponsorship agreements and marketing rights
  • Governance and regulatory projects


There are many reasons why it is attractive to do business in Norway. Companies can find multiple business opportunities in the Norway and take advantage of the specialized services offered by our team of lawyers in Norway, dedicated to foreign companies and entrepreneurs.
Companies looking to Norway to expand their business would benefit from having a reliable and specialized law firm to collaborate with.

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